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The truth about the Arch Angel Michael is a tale indeed.
He wanted to kill Emily before she could even breath.
Michael begged the counted that she should not be aloud to live.
That they need to abort her, even if it meant killing the mother.
Many believed this was the right thing to do.
For they all knew what kind of soul that grew her belly.
A woman foolish enough or desperate to make a deal with the fallen.
She made the deal with the forsaken Lilith.
Wishing only to have a child, a blessing from God.
Though heaven above knew what Lilith had given her the opposite.
They all knew that the child was going to be key to hell on earth.
As Michael raised the counts in vote of executed the unborn Emily.
An Elder spoke, trying to get her voice heard.
All sudden uproar fell silent at the words she spoke.
" How can we pass judgment on something that has not even been born? Basing Nature versus nurture on the something that has never existed before.. We all thought this with Adam and Eve, but those were not our creations. These Beasts that we created after are , this child is but a subject of our own sin that resides in the minds of the fallen that hate us so. This unborn though has no voice... What if we kill her in cold blood? Would we just wait for another to be created and slaughter them as they came? We can NOT prevent this path from playing out without damning us all.. we might be able to redirect it.."
Michael was young for how high he got in the ranks, it may of been for his forwardness.
He yelled aloud, "we already know this child is made from the darkness.  If we strike now we could be saving lives. Don't you unde-," he was cut off by the elder. "So you would sacrifice this child very well, Michael if you truly think this is right. I only request one thing that you wait until the child is 7 to claim her life."
Michael did not know how to react to the request but only to agree, the only thing he could do.

The years went past so fast, he started to believe that he was right after the mother died. After his views had changed silently believing that he be doing an act of mercy for how terrible Emily's life had become. He would watch her cry herself to self, like an angel of empathy.

It was one spring day, that Emily's actions changed his mind. He watched her walking around in near swamp woods, just wondering looking at all the new flowers. He only lifted an eyebrow as she began collected them.
' Why would she even bother?' he thought.
As Emily walked along she turned as she noticed something on the ground.
He watched her frail body climb under the thorn bush to get at what she saw.
When she emerged from the bush, her hands were cupped.
He wonder what she held and was surprised to see a baby bird. 'It must of fell with the winds.'
He looked on seeing the concern in her eyes as she gentle held the bird.
"Don't worry birdy I won't let your momma miss you too."

Emily's very father had told her over and over again since they day she could understand, that the reason why her mother died was because of her being a monster.

She really did not want to believe that was true.

Michael continued to try and understand, as Emily put the baby bird in her dress pocket. She made her way to a tree that had the nearest nest. As she struggled to make it up the branches, Emily managed to keep checking in on the bird to make sure it was okay.

Finally making it to the top she placed the baby bird back in its home, but Michael was startled at the scream Emily let out.

She laid witness to the snake that drove the baby bird to jump from its own nest. Seeing the lump in its belly, Michael figured it was the mother it had devoured.

He knew he could not get involved but was shocked as Emily tried grabbing the baby bird back so the snake couldn't get it too. But with her weak state, she lost her balance and fell from the branches. She screamed as she fell, hitting the ground she looked up and at that moment she heard the baby bird chirping suddenly stop.
Emily began crying so hard that her pale white face was turning a red. She sobbed allowed," I can't do anything right!"
Her knee's curled up as she cried away the day.

Michael had no clue what to do, only wait to see. It was the day he was suppose to kill Emily for being a monster.

"A monster meant to destroy, trying to save," I don't get it.

He lift Emily that day.
Deciding that killing her would be the incorrect way to handle her case.
But what he did not know was that Emily went back with her father's butcher knife and cut the snake's head off.

I don't know this has been lurking in my head all day.

Oddly with Michael wanted to kill Emily before she was born, much later he falls in love with her. Going as far as losing is rank in heaven.  He see's her as a 'beautiful creature'  But that doesn't not happen for another century :)An unwanted Evil by Eyes-of-Inferno Die Slowly For Me by Eyes-of-Inferno 

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